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Healthy Reactions

Some sensitive people may experience unpleasant reactions to a diet high in dietary fiber, raw whole superfoods and proteins, such as Elixir MRE. These are desirable reactions that prove your health conditions are improving.

Not many people show these reactions:

Reactions vary, usually lasting three to five days. Detox symptoms are positive reactions to the removal of harmful toxins in the body. Symptoms and duration vary depending on how fast effected materials are excreted, the nature of the diseases, and your over all health.

In severe cases, reduce your Elixir MRE consumption by one-half, but don't discontinue it. Detox is a phase you most go through to regain your health.

Consume plenty of water and fiber to increase urine and excrement. This will clean your body faster.

Countermeasures to improvement reactions:

1. Bloated Stomach and Gas: When we detox and or consume foods that were not combined properly the result can be bloating, gas or both. As flesh foods decompose during digestion they discharge potentially harmful gas. This happens most frequently when your digestive system is weak form a lack of important digestive enzymes found only in fruits and vegetables. Elixir MRE raw vegan meal replacement contains all the necessary digestive enzymes required to detox your body and restore your health.

2. Diarrhea: Elixir MRE detoxes your body’s systems. Our bodies try to quickly excrete undesirable substances. Those with sensitive digestive systems, or those who eat few fruits and vegetables, may suffer diarrhea. If diarrhea occurs reduce the dosage by half and continue use. This reaction is a healthy one and should pass after a few days.

3. Constipation: Fiber must accompany water to expand and activate your intestine. Constipation can and will occur if you fail to drink plenty of water as a part of a healthy diet involving a raw vegan and vegetarian meal that is high in proteins and dietary fiber. Insufficient water causes the fiber to become impacted, causing constipation. This will halt detoxification.

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