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Our Process

Elixir M.R.E.
-Meal Ready to Eat

Elixir MRE revolutionary products are the first to utilize the superior packaging of Mylar Foil and oxygen desiccants to prevent UV light damage and oxidation. Mylar was developed by NASA to protect astronauts from exposure in space. This means your Elixir greens will stay fresh without preservatives.

Freeze Drying retains over 98% of nutritional properties

Freeze-Drying food is the best way to preserve nutritive properties, flavor, color and aroma. When vegetables and grains are flash frozen, their moisture instantly freezes. This process preserves the nutritional properties and enzymes found in raw vegan superfoods. At $1,66-$2 per serving, Elixir MRE is the best most cost effective way to consume raw vegan meals.


Frontier Natural Co-op – Incorporated since September 1, 1979. Frontier Natural co-op, the industry’s standard provides many of the highest quality herbs and whole superfoods that are found in Elixir MRE.

Hemp Oil Canada

The Elixir MRE – raw vegan whole superfood freeze-dry process

Selection of Raw Food Materials

Elixir MRE selects over 40 NATURAL raw vegan superfoods materials from: hemp seed, whole grains, vegetables, sea vegetables, and herbs with strict quality criteria.

Inspection - Elixir MRE undergoes strict quality inspection.

Washing Raw Foods

Impurities and inedible parts are removed and the remainder is washed clean by high-pressure water several times.

Drying Weighing is done by increments. These portions are spread out on a metal plate and placed in a dryer.

The freeze-dry method minimizes the loss of nutritional components and enzymes in food, and keeps their taste, flavor, color and nutrients intact. This way, raw foods can be preserved for a long period of time.

Retrieval Raw foods are retrieved from the dryer after they dry for 24 hours.

Grinding - The raw foods are ground into powder.

Mixing Over - 40 healthful raw vegan superfoods are mixed according to set ratios.

Packaging - Elixir MRE is packaged in thick Mylar foil to prevent UV light damage and Oxidation.

Mylar is a foil and plastic polymer developed by NASA to protect Astronauts from exposure in space. This delivers to you the freshest product available anywhere.

Quality Control - Elixir MRE implements thorough and regular quality management at its production site, including FDA and California Health Department.
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