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A graduate of California State University Northridge, Tom Gianelli is a raw vegan endurance athlete and private security contractor turned full-time CEO, wellness & plant-based vegan nutrition advocate.

Elixir MRE raw vegan meal replacemnet, was developed by Tom Gianelli for military use in 1987. Elixir MRE enables operators to carry an anti-aging wellness formula fuel source that gives them days of great nutrition with a very small “load-out” weight signature. A single 48 oz. bag of Elixir MRE feeds an operator for 16 days in the field. Elixir MRE raw vegan meal replacement has been used in the field by military personal including Seal Team and private security contractors. The transition form a military application to extreme sports has been easy. The health and wellness benefits of an anti-aging formula for the larger fitness demographic including women and moms was something we at Elixir MRE got very excited about.

Always an extreme sports enthusiast Tom injured his back after a fall while Free-climbing. The sport of “Free-climbing or Free soloing” is the extreme practice of climbing without ropes or safety gear. In a wheel chair for months he gained weight, became depressed, and was unable to exercise. Tom wanted to reduce his weight and purge his body of toxic pain medications. He had been a long time vegetarian, and was at the time of his accident a vegan, but it was time for a major life change.

Raw Vegan Recovery:

Tom Gianelli has spent a lifetime out in the elements. He has never used sun block and rarely wares sunglasses. The quality of his skin and muscles is a direct result of the products he developed and the vegan lifestyle he lives.

Favorite Quote: "Love is my religion, time is my currency, and adventure is my life’s happiness."

Favorite Product: I love Elixir MRE "Greenberry" blended with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, banana and ice. I enjoy Mookies anytime of day that I’m feeling a bit slow or like a foodie.

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